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A ‘C’ Test: The 0x10 Best Questions for Would-be Embedded Programmers (reprised)

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 Nigel Jones

In May 2000 Embedded Systems Programming magazine (now Embedded Systems Design) published an article I had written entitled “A ‘C’ Test: The 0x10 Best Questions for Would-be Embedded Programmers.”

A revised version is posted at: A ‘C’ Test: The 0x10 Best Questions for Would-be Embedded Programmers.

I received a lot of mail about it at the time (including a decent amount of hate mail), and, much to my amazement, I continue to get mail about it to this day. The article has been shamelessly copied all over the web and its title is a popular search term that drives people to this blog.

Be aware that this test has been widely publicized, so be very suspicious of someone that does really well on it! To illustrate my point, when I wrote the article I was doing some work at a large company and was sharing an office with a fellow consultant, Nelson. Naturally I had Nelson proof read the article. Fast forward a few months when Nelson went off to an interview with a new potential client. Well it so happens that the interview occurred on the same day that my article was published, and the interviewer proceeded to use it verbatim on Nelson. Nelson, of course, aced the test leaving the interviewer astounded. Needless to say, we both found this to be very amusing! Alas, I’ve never had anyone in the intervening 9+ years hit me with it. Maybe next week…

If you would like a version of this test in Word format, or could use some expertise from an embedded systems consultant, please contact me.