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Century Post

Friday, December 18th, 2009 by Nigel Jones

My blogging software tells me that this is the one hundredth posting to this blog. I have to admit I’m somewhat astonished to find that not only have I found so many things to write about, but that the list of topics seems to be growing rather than shrinking. Anyway, rather than post on my (un)usual topics, I thought I’d mark the occasion by letting regular readers know what has been going on and where stack-overflow is going in the year ahead.

First off, I suspect that many of you have noticed that my blog posting rate has dropped in the last month or so. This has been primarily because as part of running my consulting business, I have been working on a major website overhaul which has consumed a lot of my time, but which has just been completed. If you want to see some of things I get involved in, then do please take a look. I’d appreciate any feedback you may have about the site. (It’s unclear if the hosting change has completely propagated through the DNS hierarchy. If you find yourself looking at a mostly blue website, then you are on the new site).

I’d also like to mention some upcoming changes to EmbeddedGurus in general, and this blog in particular. EmbeddedGurus is becoming a popular place and so a redesign is in the works to reflect its increased stature . I suspect that Michael Barr will have more to say on this topic in the near future. With regard to stack-overflow, it’s clear to me that the blog has outgrown its current template. As such, as part of the EmbeddedGurus overhaul I’m hoping to switch to a better template which is not only more suited to my posts, but which will allow visitors to more easily find previous posts, as well as allow them to search the blog.

Finally, to those of you that answered my request for reader feedback a few months back. You have not been forgotten! I hope to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible in 2010.

As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Alan Bowens says:

    Congratulations on hitting such a major milestone Nigel, keep up the good work, and please keep the blog posts coming!

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