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Consulting as a leading economic indicator – update #1

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 by Nigel Jones

At the beginning of September in the wake of the dismal jobs report for EE’s posted by the IEEE, I wrote an article postulating that consulting is a leading economic indicator for our industry. I also promised an update around the end of September.

The bottom line – it’s still very quiet. I’ve asked some fellow consultants their opinion on this issue. The response has been very guarded optimism, in that they are seeing an uptick in interest, even if it isn’t directly being translated into a lot of work yet. So for those of you out there looking for gainful employment, I’m afraid I really don’t have any good news to report. The best I can give you is that the bad news hasn’t got worse.

Changing topics, if you have not read Mike Barr’s recent posting on binary literals, then I strongly recommend that you do so. It would have fitted very nicely into my series on effective C tips – so if you find my effective C tips series useful, then go take a look.


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