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Sunday, September 13th, 2009 by Nigel Jones

If I’m to believe the numbers for this blog, I’m getting both a large number of page views per day as well as a significant number of readers coming back on a regular basis to see what I have to say. While the page view statistics are nice, I actually value the returning reader far more than I do the one-time visitor who drops in looking for a solution to a particular problem. Thus I find myself in a bit of a quandary. While the page view statistics give me a very good idea about what is driving first time visitors to this site, I really don’t have a clue as to why anyone actually bothers to come back, or indeed what they are hoping to see on their next visit. Thus if you are a regular reader I’d be obliged if you could give me some feedback on what you (dis)like about this blog, and perhaps more importantly – what you’d like me to address in future postings. Feel free to use the comment section or to email me if you’d prefer your thoughts to be private. Thanks! Home

8 Responses to “Reader feedback”

  1. Carl K says:

    Hi Nigel,I'm an embedded hardware/software engineer. In the past I've mainly use assembler on 8 bit micros but have recently started using more C. I enjoy your posts as they give me a heads up on some of the finer points of what may be going on "under the hood" of the C compiler. Your site is one of a few that I monitor via RSS.Thanks for sharing your insights,Carl

  2. Kyle Bostian says:

    I follow your RSS using Google Reader. I like it all. The tips series are probably the most directly useful and informative, but I also enjoy reading your perspective on articles you've come across and your anecdotes about the consulting business. The only thing I would ask for is that you left us hanging with a comment a few months ago that you spell check your code, and that you were going to explain your system for spell checking to us… I've been looking forward to that post. Thanks for the tremendous effort.

  3. Aleš S says:

    Hello Nigel,I just wanted to say big Thank you! for your inspiring and informative blog posts! I am one of your regular and frequent reader. BTW, I follow your posts using RSS and Google Reader.The topics and different thoughts on your blog provide really an excellent insight view on our field of interests. I find the series Efficient and Effective C especially intriguing and though provoking.Please, keep up the excellent work! I wish you all the best!Best regards,~Aleš

  4. Douglas says:

    Hi Nigel,I also read your articles using RSS via Google reader. I have worked as an embedded software engineer for about 10 years now, mostly on 32/64 bit processors with ample resources. Most of my work has been in C but recently, we have been doing more in C++. I read your articles because you write about the things that are important to my job and industry. What I appreciate most is that, when it comes to real-time programming, you 'get it'. I am amazed by how many people I come into contact in this industry that just don't 'get it'. I once had a vendor claim to me that their real-time product was 96% real-time. What does that even mean? Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading.Doug

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am embedded software engineer. I do follow this blog mainly to gain insight into the finer techniques for implementing C/C++ software for consumer electronic products

  6. steve says:

    Hey Nigel.I also use RSS via Google Reader to follow your blog.I'm an embedded software engineer, and am always seeking to improve my skills, and to sample other points of view.There aren't many blogs (that I'm aware of) dedicated solely to embedded software, so I'm glad you've created one, and I look forward to your future postings.Steve.

  7. harold says:

    Hi there,I can't remember what exactly put your blog on my reading list, probably a recommended blog of someone else. I'm a C# developer by trade, but I enjoy learning a think or two about the other end of the software stack. It reminds me just why I enjoy using the syntax I do :PThe thing that keeps coming is the regular updates with interesting technical and non-technical (just as important) content.-H

  8. Nigel Jones says:

    Thanks to all of you who have commented, as well as to all of those who emailed me. I'll be distilling what you have said over the next week or two and will start incorporating your feedback shortly thereafter. Hopefully the results will make this a compelling blog for the entire industry!Again, many thanks.

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