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Wanted – .TEC password

Friday, December 8th, 2006 by Nigel Jones

It’s time for my first rant – you have been warned!

I recently bought a new computer, complete with a gorgeous 24″ flat panel display. The flat panel supports a speaker bar – which I also bought. The installation instructions for the speaker bar are quite straightforward – align the tabs on the bar with the holes in the display, and push until the bar clicks in to place.

Well, on my system, there’s no click. The display seems to lack the spring loaded latch necessary for this to work.

I have now had four email exchanges with ‘technical support’. The first didn’t read what I wrote, the second told me that this was a big issue and would take several days to resolve, the third did a keyword search on ‘speaker bar’ and sent me a bunch of useless links, and the fourth decided that my problem was that I didn’t understand the installation instructions – and so sent me another copy of them.

In short, I’ve been treated like a moron.

I suspect that some / many / most people that contact technical support lack, ahem, technical acumen. Well, if you are reading this blog, the chances are you are not such a person. I also suspect that you’ve had a similar experience – which got me to thinking. What I need is a .TEC password. Just as Microsoft’s .NET password lets you manage your net identities, a .TEC password would tell the recipient that they are dealing with someone who really can, at the very least, align two tabs with their mating holes and push – and so should be treated accordingly.

Thanks for listening.


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