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Michael Barr

Michael Barr

Michael Barr is an internationally recognized expert on the design of embedded computer systems. In that role, he has provided expert witness testimony in federal court, appeared on PBS’ American Business Review, and been quoted in various newspapers. He is also the author of three books and more than sixty-five articles on related subjects. For three and a half years Michael served as editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Programming, for which he continues to write a column.

In addition, Michael has been a popular speaker, track chair, and member of the advisory board at the Embedded Systems Conference for over a decade. Embedded software he wrote or architected powers millions of products. Michael holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering and has lectured in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, from which he also earned an MBA, and the Computer Science Department of the Johns Hopkins University.

Michael provides consulting, training, and expert witness services through Barr Group, which he co-founded. Michael is the founder of Embedded Gurus. He also writes a free monthly e-mail newsletter on embedded software architecture and process called Firmware Update.

Michael’s blog is Barr Code.