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Most Popular Embedded Gurus Blog Posts of 2011

Friday, January 6th, 2012 by Michael Barr

Below are the top 10 most read blog posts from the Embedded Gurus in 2011.

#1: Efficient C Tip #13: Use the Modulus (%) Operator with Caution

#2: A Tutorial on Lookup Tables in C

#3: Unintended Acceleration and Other Embedded Software Bugs

#4: Don’t Follow These 5 Dangerous Coding Standard Rules

#5: Protothreads versus State Machines

#6: What Belongs in a C .h Header File?

#7: Computing Your Stack Size

#8: Do Inline Function Bodies Belong in C Header Files?

#9: The N_ELEMENTS Macro

#10: Is “(unint16_t) -1” Portable C Code?

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