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Beer and Boards at ESC Silicon Valley

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 Michael Barr

It really looks like I’ve picked the wrong year to miss ESC Silicon Valley (due to a schedule conflict). (The last time I wasn’t at ESC, it was 1997 and White Zombie was still together. The first thing I’d really liked to have seen is Steve Wozniak‘s keynote speech. The second thing I’m really sad to miss is the just announced “Beer and Boards” party/giveaway.

Beer and Boards sounds really fun. Here’s how it works: Every “All Access” attendee will get to choose one of three free development kits to take home:

Once you select your preferred kit you will receive information on the time and place for the relevant Beer and Boards party, at which you will get to drink free beer at a special meet-and-greet with one of your kit’s designers to talk about your new kit and its capabilities. Three boards spread out over three days.

Nerds drinking beer! I love it. What will they think of next?

Before you register for this year’s ESC, be sure to check out my earlier post Save Big on Embedded Systems Conference Registration. Also, remember to use the promo code BARR20 to save an additional 20% off registration and be entered to win a free seat at a future Embedded Software Boot Camp or one of 20 free copies of the Embedded C Coding Standard.