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To C++ or Not to C++ – That is the question…

Friday, August 28th, 2009 by Michael Barr

There are raging discussions about my latest column, Real Men Program in C, going on at Techonline.com and Reddit.com. Though it was never my intent to malign C++, some of the forum participants have headed off in that direction. Even Dan Saks has been compelled to weigh in, in his latest column.

For the record, I agree with Dan Saks about the following: (1) that C++ has some strengths vs. C and (2) that the top two of these are “classes with private access control” and “initialization by constructors. I have developed embedded software in both C and C++. Both languages can be abused, especially by those who don’t have a full understanding of all the features they are using. However, both languages can also be used to develop reliable embedded software.

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One Response to “To C++ or Not to C++ – That is the question…”

  1. Sundar Srinivasan says:

    Sweet. I agree with the point that both C and C++ are good for embedded systems programming, provided the programmer is skillful. Given an assumption that programmer is skillful, why do you leave out assembly language? Actually I have developed reliable signal processing software in SHARC processor assembly. I think the same can be done for embedded systems.http://sunnyeves.blogspot.com/

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