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Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 by Michael Barr

There are currently just a handful of bloggers writing about embedded systems development. So I thought I’d take a minute to introduce the others I’ve run across.

There are, of course, three of us blogging at EmbeddedGurus.net. The others are: Nigel Jones who writes Stack Overflow and Dr. Miro Samek who authors State Space. Each of these guys has unique expertise that is very different from my own.

Another embedded developer who blogs is Harvey Sugar; he calls his blog Nerd1951. I’m hoping to run into Harvey at the Embedded Systems Conference next week in Boston–an event from which I’ll be blogging quite a bit.

On a related but different note, industry analyst Christopher Lanfear calls his blog about the tool vendors and their funding On Target.

Please let me know if you’ve found other related blogs (or you write one).


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  1. Cliff Brake says:

    Hi Michael,Nice blog. I also blog about embedded topics at:http://bec-systems.com/web/content/blogsection/7/9/Cliff

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