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Educating Engineers

Friday, September 22nd, 2006 by Michael Barr

Engineering is a fast-moving field. Even embedded systems design, which is known to use decades old tools, sees new processors and new peripherals and higher speeds and new languages and new techniques arrive continuously.

Unlike the medical profession, which requires continuing education to keep pace with changes in the knowledge base, engineers generally stop learning formally once they obtain a University degree. There is no such thing as Continuing Engineering Education credits.

Symptoms of the resulting intellectual stasis include not only a failure to keep up with evolving best practices, but also the perpetual desire of businesses to hire younger, freshly-educated engineers whether here or abroad.

If we as engineers are to continue to deliver value commensurate with our growing salaries, we must dedicate ourselves to the kind of perpetual learning required in other professions. Only then will the trend toward the use of more fresh-out and offshore engineers be slowed.

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