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World Usability Day

Monday, November 9th, 2009 by

November the 12th has been designated World Usability Day for 2009. The principle advocated by the Usability Professionals Association is to dedicate one day of the year to promoting some aspect of usability, and to evangelize good usability to the broader engineering and design community.

This year’s theme is ‘Designing for a Sustainable World’. Last year over 200 events were held worldwide, and it will be similar this year – see http://www.worldusabilityday.org/en/events/previous/2009 for an extensive list. While many of the events are fairly straight plugs to advertise usability review or training services, there are a couple of events that caught my eye.

Most events require you to attend in person, so readers are only likely to be interested in stuff in their locality, but a few of the on-line events are worth a mention.

Building Smarter Cities
looks like it could be an interesting on-line discussion.

There is a essay contest on the topic of “How can the User Experience Community support the future of sustainability?” You only need 100 to 300 words and you might win a kindle. I have not come up with an entry myself yet, but I will definitely be keen to read a few of the entries.

There is a webinar on the topic of Agile Design within the Usability Process.

There is an on-line panel discussion on ‘How Can a User Centred Approach Drive Sustainable Design?’, which would not have grabbed my attention until I noticed Ben Schneiderman was on the panel. I have read a lot of his stuff, so it might be interesting to see him in the (digital) flesh.

If any readers see any other events that deserve a mention, let me know – or if you attend/observe any of the on or off-line events I would be keen to hear any feedback.


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